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Ariadne - Technical description


This document gives a functional / technical description of the Ariadne (canoe/kayak) competition administration software.

General Description
Design decisions The relevant Ariadne design decisions
Database model Database design
Screen shots Screen shots of the most relevant screens
Release history Overview of the Ariadne releases
Testspecifications Testmatrix, testpurposes and testcases

Ariadne Functions

Ariadne pre-competition   Slalom Mara thon WW race Regatta Web entries
A000-Initialization Initialization of the system at start up, refreshing links to attached databases X X X X X
A010-Main Menu Loading the main menu X X X X X
A011-Copyright and License Displaying copyright and license information X X X X -
A012-Remarks Subform Remarks, which is linked in more forms X X X X X
A014-Address Subform Addresses, which is linked in more forms X X X X  
A015-Dashboard Competition statistics X X X X  
A020-Persons Maintenance of persons data X X X X  
A030-Rankinglist Displays archived results of competitions, normalized against a ranking scale X X X X  
A035-Multiple-records Displays and resolves multiple records for persons X X X X  
A036-Set Age class Sets the age class according to the year of birth X X X X  
A040-Clubs Maintenance of club data X X X X  
A060-Categories Maintaining categories X X X X X
A064-Category list Report of available categories X X X X  
A070-Organizing club data Competition organizing club data X X X X  
A080-Competition settings Competition settings X X X X  
A081-Linking Ariadne database modules Set and refresh the links to the current competition and the archive database modules X X X X X
A082-Current Competition initializations Initialization (removal) of run results and entries X X X X  
A083-Technical system settings setting of the COM-port for the startpost device X X X X  
A084-AWE initialisations AWE Ariadne Web Entries table initializations         X
A085-Start numbers Setting available and missing start numbers X X X X  
A090-Club-invitations Mailinglist and address labels for inviting clubs for the new competition X X X X  
Ariadne Competition planning            
A100-Entries per person Entry input on a per person basis X X X X  
A110-Entries per club Entry input on a per club basis X X X X  
A112-Report clubs with entries Overview of clubs which submitted entries, plus their contact persons X X X X  
A114-Report entries per club List of entries per club and know officials X X X X  
A116-Report Entries per category Report of entries per category X X X X  
A120-Select person for entry Select / add person to be a participant in an entry X X X X  
A130-Entry input form Entry input form X X X X  
A140-Entries per race Entry input on a per root race X X X X  
A142-Entries overview List with entries alphabetical on person - X -    
A150-Export / import competition schema Export an xml file with competition data, program blocks and races X X X X  
A210-Races Setup and maintenance of races X X X    
A214-Categories with no race A check form that shows categories with entries, which categories have not been assigned to a race X X X X  
A216-Splitting & merging of races A form to split or merge race X X X    
A218-Initialization of ranking Initialization of ranking per competing unit on basis of archived rankings X X X    
A220-Allocating Series Allocating competing units to series per race       X  
A230-Competition program Dividing competition into program blocks X X X X  
A232-Consistency-check Set of consistency checks on entries, categories, classes, races X X X X  
A240-Program block - races Races per program block - - - X  
A262-Checklist start time distance Lists participants which have entries for more races in the same program block X - - -  
A264-Startlist to ranking A start list of competing units, sorted to race and ranking X X X -  
A270-Definition of gates Definition of gates in the slalom course and assigning them to gate sections X - - -  
A272-Definition of gate sections Definition of gate sections, and assigning the section judge X - - -  
A274-Assigning gate judge tasks Report supporting the assignment of gate judge tasks to clubs X - - -  
A280-Entry confirmations Mailing of entry confirmations X X X X  
A282-Entry confirmations Entry confirmations per club X X X X  
A284-Address label entry confirmations Producing address label for entry confirmations per paper mail X X X X  
A286-Entry confirmations per email Produces emails with entry confirmations X X X X  
A288-Entry confirmations checklist Checklist for the sending of entry confirmations X X X X  
A290-Assigning Start numbers Automatically assigning start numbers X X X X  
A292-Startlist-competition Startlist for the competition program X X X X  
Ariadne Competition operations            
A310-Races program schedule Scheduling of races into time tables X X X X  
A340 Start number distribution list List with distribution of start numbers to clubs X X X X  
A342-Start number allocation list List with allocation of start numbers to participants/ clubs X X X X  
A343-Entries to participant List of entries alphabetically ordered to participants name - X - -  
A344-Buoy-rounding-checklist List with participants per distance - X - -  
A346-Start labels Prints entries on labels. Used to stick on the start number signs - X - -  
A350-Entry fee invoicing Control form for the production of entry fee invoices X X X X  
A352-Entry fee invoices Invoices per club for the entry fees X X X X  
A354-Entry fee invoices checklist Checklist for the generated invoices X X X X  
A355-Setting of Entry fees Setting of the entry fees per race X X X X  
A356-Entry fee list List of entry fee per entry - X - -  
A358-Labels startbibs Labels for the distribution of startbib packages X - - -  
A408-Promotion to x-finals Present results for promoting CU's to a x-finals X X X X  
A410 Downriver team composition A method of composing teams on basis of individual resuls - - X -  
A420-Start schedule Start Schedule of group starts - X - X  
A430-Startlist Startlist with late entries and cancellations X X X X  
A430-Competing unit Displaying and editing of competing unit data (=entry data) X X X X  
A432-Set-runstatus Set abnormal runstatuses: DNF, DSQ, or set these back to normal. X X X X  
A442-Run time improvement Gives sorted list of improvements runtimes current competition vs archived competitions - X - -  
A443-NES-Racepoints Reports race points calculation for NES Challenge X - - -  
A444-Viking team results Viking specific calculation of team results - - X -  
A446-Mail list results Produces a mail list to send results to participants - X - -  
A480-Run swap Swaps runs between two competing units X X X X  
A482-Bib number swap Swaps bib numbers between two competing units X X X X  
Ariadne Race Processing A400-Race scheduling, A500 results collection, A600 results publishing          
A510-Run event monitoring Triggers the run event processing X - X X  

A520-Record starts

Record starts (Marathon and Regatta) and assign the start to races - X - X  
A522-Start details Shows the events for a start - X - X  
A530-Processing timing events Processing start- and finish events slalom X - - -  
A535-Processing timing events backup Processing start- and finish events from backup timing slalom X - - -  
A532-Record finishes Records finishes for Marathon, by PC, by Timy or by Hand - X X X  
A553-Timing events assignment Form view which timing events are assigned to which start number X X X X  
A555-Timing events swap Swap the timing events assignment of two competing units X X X X  
A560-Timy-interface Processes Timy timing messages over serial port X X X X  
A570-Running time from start Displays running times from start (marathon) - X - -  
A580-Penalty points monitoring / entry X - - -  
A585-Penalty points processing Processes the penalty points from gate judgements to the Ariadne database x - - -  
A588-Penalty points check Screen to check the penalty points against the judge scoring papers X - - -  
Ariadne Results publishing A400-Race scheduling, A500 results collection, A600 results publishing          
A610-Running time finish display Shows running time during run and run results at finish X - - -  
A615-Results publication screen Presentation of last 20 results on publication screen X X X X  
A650-Race results Race results printout X X X X  
A652-Holland Cup export Results export for Holland Cup ranking X - - -  
Ariadne System            
A705-Messages Function to retrieve messages from a table X X X X  
A710-Transaction server Transaction routing function to route transaction between forms and or reports. X X X X  
A730-Menu maintenance Maintenance screen for the menu tables X X X X X
A740-Language module Module to translate the GUI to another language X X X X  
A750-Ariadne help pages module to open a html help page of a specified page id X X X X  
Ariadne Archive            
A800-Archive currrent competition Archiving of persons, clubs, categories, results X X X X  

A820-Determine start intervals

Determines the start interval per category on basis of the actual starts of the current competition X - - -  

Ariadne Components

Ariadne pre-competition   Slalom Mara thon Down river Regatta
AriadneTimEvents COM component for distributing Ariadne timing events X X X X
AriadnePubEvents COM component for distributing Ariadne publication events X X X X
AriadnePenEvents COM component for distributing Ariadne penalty events X - - -
StartpostDriver COM component to interface with the Startpost device (Startline controller) X - - -
AriadneTimy .Net program to forward Timy timestamps via the serial port to Ariadne X X X X
AriadneTerminal Browser based penalty entry terminal, and processing of penalty messages in Ariadne X - - -
AriadneAIR Ariadne Live Internet results X X X X


Ariadne Simulator

Ariadne Simulator  
A990-Ariadne Simulator Ariadne Simulator simulates run-events. Run of a earlier competition can be replayed, for simulation of a competition and testing Ariadne.


Note on Naming conventions:

All objects in then design are prefixed with a letter and a three digit number:

  • F123 for forms
  • Q123 for queries
  • T123 for tables
  • M123 for macros
  • P123 for procedures

For practical reasons, and where possible, there is some correspondence between numbers. Q200-Persons is a query on table T200-Person, for the form F200-Persons. This correspondence is however not strict.

Apart from the numbers used in database obects, the functions are numbered (with prefix 'A'). In general the function numbers have an order as they appear in the menu. Also this numbering is not strict. And there is no correspondence between the function numbers and the object numbers.

Conventions on form lay out:

1. To make a distinction between form field which are editable and which are not, non-editable field appear with a grey back ground, where editable fields have a white background.

2. Non-editable fields which have a related button with which you can jump to a form on which these fields can be edited, also have a white background.

Copyright en License conditions

Copyright (c) 2001, 2016 Gerrit van Dalfsen (
Ariadne is open source software and can be used and modified under the GNU General Public License