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Language module


With the Ariadne language module you can translate the Ariadne user interface language into your own. Three tables containing the user interface texts need translation:

  • the menu table
  • the message table
  • the control caption table

Each of these table contains a current language field, and a English language field as English reference text. After you translated the English reference text into your own language in the current language field, and ran the P740_Translate_captions procedure, the user interface displays in your own language.

The texts of the main menu are stored in T732-Menu-item; the texts of the capture texts of forms and reports are stored in T740-Control, and the message texts for status bar and message boxes are stored in T705-Message.

Ariadne system tables

The steps to change the user interface language of Ariadne are:
1) Translate the field T705![message-text] in table T705-Message in the required language. (Leave the English text as reference),
2) Translate the field T732![item-text] in table T732-Menu-item in the required language. (Leave the English text as reference),
3) Translate the field T740![caption] in table T740-Control in the required language.(Leave the English text as reference).
4) run the M740-Translate-captions macro

These steps are available in the Ariadne menu Settings / Language module

Further English texts which need translations are present the the tables:

  • T020-Status-type (runs statusses)
  • T030-Role-type (role names of officials)
  • T033-Gender (gender descriptions and abbreviations)
  • T044-Age-class (age class descriptions)
  • T060-Country (country names)
  • T110-Program-block ( the names of the program blocks)
  • T120-Gate (negotiation direction of gates)
  • T242-Document-type (names of document types)
  • T244-Mail-mode (mail mode descriptions)
  • T246-Mail-destination (names of mail destinations)
  • T702-Module

Translation to English is easily done by copying the English reference texts with a update query into the message text, resp. menu item text, resp. control captions.

After the translation has been done, check forms en reports, as the field dimensions of text labels may need adjustment.

In the different tables, there are bout a 1000 lines of text. Translation of these texts into another language then English, will take about 6 hours time.

Access path

Language module  
Q705-Messages translation table messages
Q733-Menu-item-translation-table translation table menu items
Q740-Captions translation table captions

Function structure


Form to to start the caption translation.

Form Control Action Query Table Attribute
F744-Translation-forms-reports button
closes the form      
open form F740-Caption-translations      
runs P740_Translate_captions      


The procedure changes the captions of the controls of forms and reports, as specified in T740-Control table.

The procedure expects that the controls in T740-Control are valid. If you have made changes in forms, reports or controls, make sure that:
1. the forms and reports are in table T720-Function - this need manually be checked
2. the controls are in table T740-Control. Procedure P742_Update_caption_text actualizes the T740-Control table for made changes in forms and reports. Run this procedure via the macro M705-Update-T705-Control-table.
3. remove the records in T740-Control with the deletion indicator set (query Q905-Delete-marked-controls)

Module Procedure Actions Query Table Attribute
P740-Language-module P740_Translate_captions - Per form / report in T720-Function:
- change the caption of the form/report
- select the controls of the form/report in T740-Controle
- per control, change the caption

Change history

date Ariadne version change
04 May 2008 4.5.8 Removed the F740 form. It did not add in functionality to the Q740-Captions query
04 May 2004 4.2.1 minor textual updates
23 Apr 2003 4.1.2 Language module added in Ariadne 4.1.2