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Set Runstatus


The normal runstatus is derived from the presence of start- and finish events, and from the presence of elapsed run time and penalty points.

Abnormal run statusses occur when a competing unit does not finish (when the boat tipped and/or the participant left the kayak/canoe), or when the competing unit finishes irregularly. In the last case the run is disqualified.

According to the ICF rules, disqualification can relate to a person for the whole competition, it can relate to a competing unit for a race, and it can relate to a single run. In Ariadne, a disqualification can only be assigned to a single run.

Status types:

Runstatus Abbreviation Description
not started not started This is the initial state for an entry/competing unit which has not started yet.
started started The competing unit is reglementary started. This status occurs only when the run is ongoing. The run ends normally in a finish, or abnormally in a 'Did not finish' or in a disqualification.
finished finished The competing unit is finished. On this moment it is not certain whether the finish is reglementary
complete complete The run finished reglementary, and the penalty points were added, to make the runresult.
Did not finish DNF The competing unit left the course before the finish line. There is no finish time available, and eventual penalty points are discarded.
Disqualified DSQ The competing unit has a finish time and eventual penalty points, but he/she did not finish reglementary, or the chief judge disqualify the run for some reason (c.f. ICF rules).
Initialized Initialized In case the chief judge grants a request that a run be re-run, the runstatus is set to initialized. In this case the elapsed time and the penalty points of the run involved are discarded.

In the A432- Set-runstatus function, the next statusses can be set:

  • DNF - elapsed time and penalty points are set to null
  • DSQ - elapsed time and penalty points are kept, but only the status is set to DSQ
  • Initialized - elapsed time and penalty points are set to null
  • Normal - the status will be 'not started'/ finished / complete, depending on the values of elapsed time and penalty points.

(via the last possibility abnormal runstatusses can be reverted to normal run statusses)

Access path


F512-Runresults-series1 /

Function structure

Form Control Subform, action Query Table Attribute
F515-Set-Runstatus     Q515-Set-runstatus T400-Race
  Q100-Current-competition T100-Current-competition  
  Q022-Set-runstatus T020-Status-type  
opens helppage ahp005.htm      
closes the form      




Module Control Action Query Table Attribute
M600-Run-event-processing P660-Set-runstatus get the rundata   T510-Run run-id
    set runstatus according table below      
    save the rundata   T510-Run  

Run status settings

StatusId = 1 (started)

[status-id] [elapsed-time] [penalty-points] [start-time-stamp] [status-time-stamp]  
1 P660-Set-runstatus null now() now()  

StatusId = 2 (finished)

(When P660 is called with StatusId=2, elapsed time was already written to T510-Run.)

[status-id] [elapsed-time] [penalty-points] [start-time-stamp] [status-time-stamp]  
2 no change no change no change now()  

StatusId = 3 (complete)

(When P660 is called with StatusId=3,a check is done wheter elapsed time and penalty points are present in T510-Run, and the status is set accordingly)

[elapsed-time] [penalty-points] [status-id] [start-time-stamp] [status-time-stamp]  
null null 0 (not started) null null  
>0 null 2 (finished) no change now()  
>0 >=0 3 (complete) no change now()  
null >=0 1 (started) now() now()  

StatusId = 4 (DNF)

[status-id] [elapsed-time] [penalty-points] [start-time-stamp] [status-time-stamp]  
4 null null no change now()  

StatusId = 5 (DSQ)

[status-id] [elapsed-time] [penalty-points] [start-time-stamp] [status-time-stamp]  
5 no change no change no change now()  

StatusId = -1 (init)

[status-id] [elapsed-time] [penalty-points] [start-time-stamp] [status-time-stamp]  
-1 null null null now()  


Change history

date Ariadne version change
14 Mar 2004 4.2.0 Form added