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At startup of the Ariadne system, the Treeview Active-X applet of the main menu is loaded from the table T732-Menu-item. The menu tables are maintained with F730-Menu-setup. In this way menu's can be easily configured. The order of menu items, and items groups can be configured. A menu item can be assigned to a operation type (e.g. a form, a report, a query , a macro, a function). The hierarchy of menu items can be set, and the icon in the menu item can be set. A menu item can be assigned to a menu.

The menu items appear on the menu in order of sort number. For the table T720-Function there is no maintenance function. Updates in this table need directly be done in the table T720-Function. The same applies for the T730-Menu table.

Update 04Apr2005: Users requested to be able to skip a number of menu items from the menu, in order to make the menu simpler. This has been realized by adding menu1, menu2 and menu3 attributes to T732. The table T730 was removed. Form F730 has got a function to set with which menu (1,2,3) the F000-Menu form has to start. This is not a nice normalized table solution, but is a pragmatic solution.

Hint: Put in the root item of the menu the menu name.

Access path


Function structure

Form Control Subform Query Table Attribute
F730-Menu-setup     Q732-Menu-items T732-Menu-item  
  Q720-Functions T720-Function function-id
writes the selected menu to T700, closes and opens F000
closes F730


Change history

date Ariadne version change
05 Apr 2005 4.3.0 T730 removed, alternate menu's menu1, menu2, menu3 added
01 Oct 2002 4.1.0 Ariadne 4.1, text converted to html