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Splitting / merging races


In a competition design, a number of races are scheduled, each with one or more categories. When for a race there are to few or to many entries, the race may be merged with another race, or may be split into two races.Splitting or merging races is accomplished by moving categories to another race. With the A216 function you can move a category to another race.

Access path


Function structure

Form Control Subform Query Table Attribute
  Race1Select   Q414-Raceelect-F416 T400-Race  
  Race2Select   Q414-RaceSelect-F416 T400-Race  
  CategoriesRace1 F412-Category-in-race Q450-Category-in-race T400-Race
  CategoriesEvent2 F412-Category-in-event Q450-Category-in-race T400-Race
  ButtonDetailsRace1 action:
open F410-Race-details
  ButtonDetailsEvent2 action:
open F410-Race-details
  Move12 action:
move category from race 1 to race 2
  Move21 action:
move category from race 2 to race 1


Change history

date Ariadne version change
Jan2016 A5.4 reviewed an updated
Apr2006 A4.4.0 Function added