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Ariadne - Technical description




Addresses can be associated to persons and to (canoe/kayak) clubs

SubForm Control Subform Query Table Attribute
F210-Address     Q210-Addresses T210-Address address-id *)
  Q060-country-codes T060-Country country-code

*) The address-id is derived from the object where it is linked to: It is the MS-Access internal id of the related object, prefixed with a letter:

Addresses associated to persons are prefixed with "P"
used in: F200-Person; Q322-KC-officials

Addresses associated with (kayak) clubs are prefixed with "K"
used in: F310-Club-details;

Remark: Because of this construction, when a related object is deleted, it is not possible to automatically delete the address by a MS-Access database integrity relation. Dedicated action is required to delete the related address when a related object is deleted. (Not realized so far)


Change history

date version change
01-10-02 1.5 Ariadne 4.1, text converted to html