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Initialization Start intervals


This function initializes the start intervals of the events of the current competition on basis of measured start intervals of an archived competition. (Start intervals are required to calculate the time schedule for the current competition, which is done in function A250.)

The start intervals can be modified with a course correction factor, which expresses the difference in difficulty of the course of the current competiton, as compared with the course of the archived competition, from where the start intervals are initialized.A correction factor of 1.1 makes the start interval 10 % bigger.

Archived start interval are availabel per category. The start interval for an event of the current competition is the weighted average (weighted against the number of entries per category) of the categories which are put in one event.

Remark 1:
To determine the weighted average, in MS-Access 'statistical functions' are required. A limitation of MS-Access is that when statistical functions appear in a query, you cannot make an update query of it. For this reason the start intervals, caluculated in Q087, are written to T400-Event with a program loop in het class module ButtonInitialize_click.

Remark 2 :
Not for every category in the current competition will there be archived start intervals.Categories which have no archived start interval, will get a start interval of 0. Via other means an estimate of the start interval has to be made.

Access path


Function structure

Form Control Subform Query Table Attribute
F401-Init-start-interval     Q100-Current-competition T100-Current-competition  
  Q100-Current-competiton T100-Current-competition  
ArchivedCompetitions Select
  Q105-Competitions-with-startintervals T880-Start-interval
ButtonShowHist StartIntervals
connects to:
ButtonInitialize 2)
  Q087-Start-intervals 1) Q507-Number-entries-per-category
ButtonShowInitialized StartIntervals
connects to:

1) Q087 contains the calculated weighted average start interval for the current competition for each of the archived competitions available. In the class module of ButtonInitialize_click, only the start intervals for the competition specified in dropbox ArchivedCompetitionsSelect are selected.

2) Class module ButtonInitialize_click: First is T400!start-interval set to null. Then the weighted average start interval from Q087, selected by the value of the dropbox ArchivedCompetitionsSelect, and multiplied with the circuit correction factor is written to T400. The selected archived competition from where teh start interval was initialized, and the course correction factor are written to T100.

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