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A286 - Entry confirmations per email

1. Description

The function P322_Entry_confirmations_email generates for a kayak club an email message with the entry confirmations for that club as attachment. This is realized by using the MS-Access Sendobject object. As the email client MS Outlook is required.

The email text is language specific. E.g. foreign clubs can receive the email in their own language. The email text is provided via a template file in xml-format. The template file can be edited externally via Notepad of Wordpad. Per language a different template has to be supplied. Depending on the language attribute of the kayak club the required email template is selected.

The query Q337 selects the officials to which entry conformations are to be send by email. When calling P322, the requested mailing instruction is specified with mailing-instruction-id. The requested confirmation is produced by filtering Q337 on mailing-instruction-id.

In order to make the construction with language dependent templates work, two tables are added to the Current Competition database, the T065-Language table and the T243-Document-template table. The schema below shows de tables and relations Q337 uses. (The email object is not a database table).

In producing an entry confirmation per email the next input is required for P322:

- dataset with variables (officials name, email address): Q338
- email template in xml format in the required language
- the attachment (the confirmation report R336 for the specified kayak club)

As an example the xml email template is shown:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<email xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="">
<subject>Entry confirmation<competition-abbrev/></subject>
<body>Entry confirmation for: <kayak-club-name/>
Contact person: <official-name/>

Hallo <first-name/>,

In the attachment of this mail you find the entry confirmation concerning your participation in the <competition-name/>.


Anton van de Kop
Competition office.
- - - - - - -
email: Postbus 6802
phone: 010-123 4567 5623 DS Eindhoven

For parsing this email template, the MSXML library is used. For having access to this library, the library has to linked to by MS Access.

On basis of the template fragments the MSXML parser supplies, the To-string, Subject-string and Message-string (email body) are composed. The tags <email-address/>, <competition-abbrev/>, <kayak-club-name/>, <official-name/>, <first-name/>, <competition-name/> are replaced by values from Q100 and Q338.

2. Access path



3. Function structure

Module Control Subform Query Table Attribute
P322_Entry_ confirmations_email     Q100-Current-competition T100-Current-competition  
      Q338-Entry-confirmations-email Q335-Entry-confirmations  
      Q335-Entry-confirmations T200-Person

The structure of the function P322_Entry_confirmations_email is:

- get the competition name (Q100)
- open query Q388
- open the email template
- compose the <to> item
- compose the <bcc> item
- compose the <subject> item
- compose the <body> item
- send the email via SendObject, with R336 as attachment.
- close the function

Change history

date version change
10 Jan 2004 1.7 Generate email with the SendObject on basis of a language specific xml email template and with the entry confirmation as attachement.
11 Jan 2003 1.6 The mailing profile introduced
11-11-02 1.5 Ariadne 4.1, text converted to html