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Determine start intervals

1. Description

In the ICF rules, minimum start intervals are prescribed. These are 45 sec. for K1 and C1 and 120 sec. for teams. In practise, start intervals can get longer, and in some cases sorter.

For a precise event scheduling, it is necessary to have a good estimate of the actual start intervals, in order to give a good estimate of the required time for an event. The Ariadne function A820-Determine-start-intervals calculates the average start interval per category on basis of the start time stamps of the current competition, and stores these in the table T880-Start-interval in Ariadne-Archive. Start intervals are dependent on category and slalom course. With planning a new competition, only the start intervals of a comparable earlier competition can be used as a good estimate.

Design decisions:
1)To calculate the average start intervals, a the temporary table T081-SI-Temp is required to store the individual intervals of two adjacent start events. With this table the average interval per category is calculated. In order to have this average not influenced by pauses in the event execution (for whatever reason), intervals > 360 seconds (6 minutes) are excluded from the calculation.

2) An individual start interval is assigned to the competing unit which causes this interval. E.g. A Men-Senior is waiting at the start for a Men-Junior (must slower than the senior), completing the course. The start interval between these two starts must be assigned to the Men-Junior as the one who causes the interval.

( In calculating the average start interval, correct values of T510!start-time-stamp are important. In an earlier design, the T510!start-time-stamp was also updated in some status changes, in which case the start-time-stamp becomes impure. In order the separate the start-time-stamp from status-time-stamps, in tabel T510-Run a status-time-stamp was added, so that the start-time-stamp contains only real start events.)

2. Access path


3. Function structure

Form Control Action Query Table Attribute
F820-Determine-start-intervals     Q100-Current-competiton T100-Current-competition  
  Q100-Current-competiton T100-Current-competition  
  button *)
(see below)
connects to:
(see below)
  Event Action Query Table Attribute
  form_activate check if start intervals are already archived for the current competion, give status information and set the visibility of the buttons accordingly   T880-Start-interval  

*) Hidden behind the ButtonShowStartIntervals

Module Function Action Query Table Attribute
P820-Determine-start-intervals P820_Determine_start_ intervals   Q081-Start-interval-calculation
      Q082-Average-start-intervals T040-Category

Show archived start intervals

Form Control Subform Query Table Attribute
F822-Start-intervals     Q820-Start-intervals T100-Current-competition


Change history

date Ariadne version change
10 Apr 2004 4.2.0 Updated to other archiving functions
01 Nov 2002 4.1.0 text converted to html