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Literature on testing:

[1] Testen volgens TMAP Pol, Theunissen, Veenedaal; 's Hertogenbosch 1995

[2] Extended ISO model. Kwaliteit van Softwareproducten Zeist, Hendriks, Paulussen, Trienekens, Deventer 1996


A testmatrix identifies the quality items in relation to system aspects, about which an assessment must be made by means of test activities. The assessment results in a judgement if the quality items meet the required targets.The purpose of the testmatrix is to focus the avaliable test resourcing, in order to realize a reliable assessment how the Ariadne information system will perform in actual operations (i.e. preparation and execution of a competition).

For the quality items the quality model ISO 9126 is used with extensions as defined by the QUINT-project of SERC.(ref.[2])

The test matrix below gives an overview of the quality aspects per main Ariadne functionality.

Product Functionality Reliability Usability Efficiency Maintainability Portability
Ariadne base ++   +      
Settings & initializations +          
Invitations +          
Entries ++   +      
Races set up +          
Program set up +          
Entry confirmations +          
Competition time table +          
Gates & Judge sections            
Late Entries & Startlist ++   +      
Bib number distribution and collection +          
Entry fee invoices +          
Run event monitoring ++ +        
Penalty entry ++ + ++      
Results production ++ +        
Archiving +          
Ariadne system +          
Documentation     +      
Platform   +     + +
Procedures     +      

The '+' indicate the focus areas for testing (specification of testpurposes and testsheets and the actual testing)


- during competition preparation functionality is most important (no time pressure)
- when under timestress (competion start up and event execution) reliablity is a requirement
- where untrained people have access to Ariadne, Usability adds to the requirements


The testbase is the documentation of the products which are to be tested.

product Description
Forms and Reports Ariadne technical description.
Documents User manual (Dutch)
Ariadne Help pages
Platform System overview
Network configuration
Procedures Penalty points collection (Dutch)

Relevant test types

Relevant test types are (ref.[1]):

Code Description
PC Procescyclus test (walk through all steps in a process)
EG Error Guessing (search on expected weak spots)
IT Interface test (interaction between two modules)
DF Dataflow test (follow a data item through the system)
DC Data life cycle test (create, display, update, delete of a data-object)
RL Real life test (simulation, shadow processing on volumes)
SS Syntax & semantics of screens and reports
CH Checklists (especially for usability and reliability)

Test purposes

The test purposes are statements against product(part)s on quality aspects, which can be tested. For each product(part) a number of testpurposes are specified, which cover the quality aspects, mentioned in the test matrix.

The test purposes are documented in the Ariadne testspecifications database.

Testpurposes Remark
Ariadne testspecifications database MS Access 97 database, zipped, 51kb)

Test sheets

Testsheets are executable descriptions of tests. It specifies the product to be tested, the setup and the arrangements for testing, required tooling, the preconfiguration of the product, the preconditions, post conditions, expected result and observed results.

The Ariadne testsheets are in the testspecifications database.(So far not detailed out).

Testsheets Remark
Ariadne testspecifications database MS Access 97 database, zipped, 51kb)


last updated: Jan 2016