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Ariadne - Technical description


Main menu


For the Ariadne menu, the active-X applet Treeview is used (with the associated applet Imagelist). The menu structure is loaded in Treeview at start up, on basis of a query on the table T732-Menu-item. In this way, menus can be configured dynamically. At a click on the menu item, the associated command line in T720-Function is looked up, and executed.

Access path

Autoexec (MS-Access standard macro, executed at opening of the database-application)
F000-Menu Main menu

screen shot: F000-Menu

Form Control Event Query Table Attribute
F000-Menu competition
  ariadne_version   Q700-Ariadne-system T700-Ariadne-system  
  Menu-Treeview on load
configure the menu
    on click
open the requested object

Remark: For the Treeview applet (v.6.0) on different PCs there are different versions around of the containing MSCOMCTL32.OCX Active-X library. In order to get the Treeview applet working correctly, when implementing Ariadne on a new PC, it may be necessary to remove the applet form F010-Menu and to reconfigure it anew.

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