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AriadneTimEvents.exe v1.0


AriadneTimEvents forwards timing events from AriadneTime (Timy interface) to AriadneMain.

AriadneTimEvents is a singleton COM component that can forward events form one source to more event consumers simultaneaously. With the COM component it is possible to forward events between components of the Ariadne system. As a singleton, the component is instantiated once, when more components create it. That is how they can share events. The COM component is build in Microsoft ATL . For this COM component to register and to run you first need install the C++ Redistributable package vcredist_x86.exe from Microsoft. Register the COM component with EventDispatcher.exe /RegServer, unregister the COM component with EventDispatcher.exe /unRegServer

Methods to raise events

method argument description
RaiseTimingEvent timing message Called by AriadneTime when a timing message is received from the Timy

Events to be consumed

event argument description
TimingEvent timing message Listened to by AriadneMain (A600) to process the timing event.


Change history

date Ariadne version change
Jan2009 4.8.x v1.0 - Diverse event forwarders separated out from EventDispatcher and Startpostdriver