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Start number distribution list

Request for additional functionalities:

- invoice for entry fees


The start number distribution list specifies the assigned start numbers per club, split into pre- and late entries.

The list is used for the distribution and collection of start numbers to and from clubs.

Access path



Function structure

Report Control Subform Query Table Attribute
R054-Start-number-distribution-list     Q054-Clubs-with-entries 1) T100-Current-competition

1) This query lists clubs with pre-entries and with late entries. e.g. when a club has pre entries and late entries, the club is listed twice.

The report has a grouping on pre / late entries. This means that for an club first all the regular entry start numbers are listed, and there after the late entry start numbers.

Report Control Subform Query Table Attribute
R055-Start-number-distribution-list-sub     Q055-Assigned-start-numbers T500-Competing-unit  


Change history

date version change
17-11-02 1.5 Ariadne 4.1, text converted to html