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Viking Downriver Team composition


Viking Venlo Downriver race has a special team race. With this race it is not the point which team is the fastest, but which team improves most the individual results of the team members.

To participate in a team the team members must have an individual run result. On basis of this result the participants are ranked, and assigned to a team on a 3 to 3 basis. Next the team does a team run. The team improvement is calculated from the team run result and the individual run result.

The Ariadne A380 function assigns teams on basis of the individual race results. The table below specifies the requirements for the function, and how this in implemented in Ariadne:

nbr Requirement Ariadne implementation

There can be more team races. Vinking has two team races for cadets and non-cadets, and which run different distances

The team races are entered in Ariadne as normal races with dedicated categories. However for these races no entries are entered.

In the T040-Category table an attribute 'team category' is added. With this attribute every individual category can be assigned to a team category. In this way the grouping of individual categories to a team categories can be controlled.

Remark: Splitting or joining of team races after the team composition has taken place is not possible because different individual categories can be grouped into the same team. In this case first the team category attribute of the individual categories must be reassigned, and then for the new team races the teams must be composed again.


Participants can specify whether they will partake in the team race or not.

This is recorded in Ariadne bij putting a 'p' (Ploeg (=team)) in the first position of the competing unit alias field. This indicator is then als shown on the start list and result list.


Op basis of the individual results, the participant who indicated to participate in the team race is automatically assigned to a team in the team race.


For a team race those participants are selected who:

1) having an entry and valid results for an individual run for a category which is assigned to a team category.
2) having indicated to want to participate in the team race.

These participants are ranked, as required the fastest first or the slowest first, and assigned on a 3 to 3 basis to a team in the related race.

The ranking order is axpressed in a ranking number assigned to the team.

The indicator of participating in the team race is registered by a 't' (for team) in the first postion of the competing unit name alias field.


It is possible that people change their indication to participae in the team race.

When a participant need be inserted in the team assignment, the whole team composition changes. In Ariadne you can redo the team composition as often as you want. When the team composition is already published, then you can not redo the team composition.

When a participant cancels the participation to the team race is is possible to have a team of 2 persons.


In the team assigment the last team in the assignment can have 3, 2 or 1 participant. In case that the last team has one participant, the third team member of the forelast team is transferred to the last team. The two laast teams have then 2 members.

The tranfer of the last member of the forelast team to the last team is manually done on the A140 form.


After recording of the team run time, the team result is calculated from the biggest improvement (or smallest worsening) of the ream result against the individual team member results.

Per team the difference is calculated between the team result and the individual team member results. The biggest improvement (or smallest worsening) per team counts in the ranking of the team results.


Access path


Function structure

Form Control Subform, Action Query Table Attribute
  current competition   Q100-current-competition T100-Current-competition  
  Q413-Race-select-F380 T110-Program-block
  radio buttons
  Q302-Club-select T300-Club  
open form
executes the team composition *)      
closes the form      

*) Execute team composition:
- delete eventual current entries for the team race
- open the dataset with the individual result ranking for the team race
- while there are individual results:
- - add a T500-Competing-unit record for the team race
- - add a T510-Run record for this competing unit
- - add a T230-Participant record for each of the next three individuals in the individual results ranking.


F384-Ranking-team-compsition shows the ranking of the individual participants for the team race, specified in F380.RaceSelect

Form Control Subform, Action Query Table Attribute
F384-Ranking-team-composition     Q384-Ranking-team-ranking T040-Category
    on load:
Set filter to event-id and set sort order to F380 Assigment order
closes the form      



Change history

date Ariadne version change
10 Oct 2004 4.2.5. initial release