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Record finishes (Marathon)


A650 is designed to record finishes for marathon. Timing inputs can be received from the system time of the PC where Ariadne is running, from Timy or via manual input from timing by stopwatch.

Access path


Function structure

Finish events received via the PC timeclock or via the Timy timeclock are stored in table T650-Timing-event and displayed in F654. Valid finish events can be assigned to a startnumber, invalid finish events can be disqualified. Valid finishes are displayed in the subform F652.

A facility is provided to generate a finish event via the PC timeclock (Button Start), and a facility is provided to receive finish events from the Timy clock via the serial port. And a facility is provided to enter manually a finish events, read from a stopwatch.

The finish event times are recorded in hh:mm:ss,ms format. With each finish a indicator can be set wheter or not an offset time must be added to the finish time.

When the Timy communication is on, a running time that is updated every 1 second is received from Timy and displayed in the Running time textbox. When a Timing event is received from Timy, this is displayed in the timing event textbox, and stored to T650, and becomes present in the F654 sub to be processed.

Form Control Subform Query Table Attribute
F650-Record-finishes       -  
  Finishes F652-Record-finishes-sub Q542-Run-results-marathon T020-Run-statustype
  TimingEvents F654-Timing-events-unassigned-sub Q654-Timing-events-unassigned T650-Timing-event  
  startNumberSelect after checks, insert update T510 for finish time Q655-Startnumbers-not-finished T500-Competing-unit
  buttonDSQ after checks, marks the timing event in T650 as invalid      
  buttonPCfinish writes sytem time to T650      
  buttonOpenTimy Opens communication with Timy      
  buttonCloseTimy Closes communication with Timy      
  buttonSave saves a manual entered start.      
  buttonSetOffset opens F100-Competition form      
  buttonFinishTimeSwap opens F480-Finishtime-swap      
  buttonHelp opens helpfile A605      
  buttonClose closes the form      


Change history

date Ariadne version change
14Aug2006 4.4.0 First release