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Ariadne Release history

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Release history of Ariadne releases

date version change rel.notes
2015 5.3.x minor changes and bug fixes  
2014 5.2.x minor changes and bug fixes  
2013 5.1.x Integration web entries and internet results, GPS synchronized timing clock  
2012 5.0.x Interface timing camera and chip timing  
2011 4.9.x Ariadne Regatta, multiple courses, export/import competition race schema, microGraph runtime display  
2010 4.8.x Multiple sports disciplines , x-final races , penaly check report, split/ lap times, web entries  
2009 4.7.x Penalty entry via PDA and live results upload to internet arp155.htm
2008 4.6.x Table linking procededure, Timy interface, startcontroller interface, publication screen arp139.htm
2007 4.5.x Interfacing with Alge Timy and GM start controller. arp128.htm
2006 4.4.x Club data added, event splitting added, Timy interface added. arp127.htm
2005 4.3.x Improvements and correction from 2004 processed arp119.htm
2004 4.2.x Requirements from GM2003 processed arp107.htm
2003 4.1.x Language module added. Operational version GM2003 arp086.htm
2003 4.1.x Requirements from GM2002 added, Ariadne internally translated into English ard027.doc
2002 4.0.x Operational version for the GM 2002 Competition ard024.doc
2001 3.x First operational deployment of Ariadne. GM2001, Dutch Slalom Championship 2001 ard009.doc
2000 1.0 First prototype after one week of 80 hours