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Functional overview

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Functional overview
System overview
Technical overview
Data model overview

Ariadne is designed to support the relevant processes of a canoe/kayak competition:

  • competition preparation,
  • entry processing,
  • race scheduling,
  • bib numbers assigning ,
  • event execution,
  • results processing and publication,
  • archiving

The table below presents a more detailed view :

Persons adding and updating of persons data
Clubs adding and updating of club data
Categories maintenance of event categories
Competition settings maintenance of competition parameters
Competition preparation  
Entry processing processing of entries. Entries via internet webforms
Race definition defining races
Program scheduling scheduling races into program blocks
Gates and gate sections defining gates and gate sections. Multiple courses.
Entry confirmations producing entry confirmations
X finals configuring heats and finals
Start list assigning start numbers, and producing start lists
Competition start up  
Late-entries late-entry processing
Re-arranging races splitting and combining of races
Start number distribution distributing start numbers (bibs) to competitors
Invoicing generating invoices for the entry fees
Event execution  
Processing timing events Processing timing events (starts, finishes)
Penalty entry entry of penalty points
Results processing processing of the results
Results publishing publishing results on screens, paper, internet
Evaluation and archiving  
Archiving results Archiving the competion results

Language module:
Ariadne provides a language module with which you can translate the user interface into your own language (English standard available).

Remark: Ariadne supports the processing of race and scoring data. Start and finish events are received from a timing device (i.e. ALGE Timy). The optical start and finish lines and the controlling equipment of these are not part of the Ariadne system. Ariadne does provide interfaces for the ALGE Timy timing device and the Gennepermolen start/finish line controlling devices.

last update Jan2016