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The Ariadne Data Model


1. Introduction
2. Object definition model
3. Conceptual data model
4. Table model
5. Database model
6. Database table descriptions

3. Conceptual Data model

The Conceptual Data Model specifies the properties of object types (classes) and the contingent relations that hold between the object types, as relevant for the processes related to the (canoe/kayak) competition.

3.1 The conceptual data model for the (canoe/kayak) competition

3.1.1 Conceptual Data Model (canoe/kayak) competition: Modeling decisions

(1) - Per Ariadne 4.0, a club can also have an address.

(2) - A COMPETING UNIT can compete in only one CLASS. However, a competing unit can compete in the same time in one or more virtual classes. (A virtual class is a rearrangement of categories for some reason. The idea of virtal class evolved when the categories of the local championship did not match the categories of the National Slalom League.)


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