canoe / kayak slalom competition software

Ariadne 4.9.x - release notes (Dec 2011)

Ariadne 4.9.4SE for Slalom is provided in MS Office 2003 format.

The contains the next files:


Unzip the zipfile and double click on Ariadne494S04-Main.mdb

May be you need to set the security level of your MS Access to low.

Ariadne Main tries to link to the competition database and to the archive database. It is likely that it cannot find these files as your implemention file path will be different. Select these files in the proper locations and click Link.

Ariadne should start showing the main menu. You can close the linking window.

Ariadne should work fine with MS Access2003 on a 32 bit Windows machine. It probabely will not work correct on a 64bit Windows machine.

Ariadne index page

The changes in Ariadne release 4.9.x are the following enhancements:

Function Release note  
A060 Categories  
  • Entry fees are related to categories. This allows to calculate different entry fees per category when categories are combined into a race.
  • More sports disciplines can be combined into one competition
A270 Gates  
  • More courses are possible having different configuration of gates.
A323 Consistency checks  
  • A screen with some consistency checks is added.
A408 Semi finals and Finals  
  • Ariadne can create semi finals and Finals races
A428 Penalty checks  
  • Penalty checks can be done via this form. No need to first print out the runs for whicht the penalties need be checked.
A530 Start / Splittime / Finish timing event processing  
  • Split time timing events can be processed
  • Show running time for participant that is next to finish
A535 Backup start / finish timing event processing  
  • Form for processing backup timing events
AWE Ariadne Web Entries - Match & Merge  
  • Import entries from web entry forms