canoe / kayak slalom competition software

Other Canoe/kayak competion software

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Open source software

JRaceman 1.2.3 (2015)

Competition administration for canoe/kayak flat water races.
Java, McKoi database, Linux, Windows

KaRa 2.3.8 (2008)

Administration and timing of downriver kayak racing.
Linux, Windows

Available with licence fee

Race Gorilla (2020)

Sports event manager
Smartphone & cloud

Krohn sport

Canoe / kayak slalom event manager (German language)

Canoe123 Siwidata

Canoe / kayak slalom event manager
Windows .Net

Slalom Event Organizer (SEO) v1.22, 2

Canoe / kayak slalom event organizer.

Kanuslalom 5.1

Canoe/ kayak slalom event software (German language).

FFCanoë-slalom (2005)

Slalom event software developed for the French Canoe Federation. Free to use for the organisation members of the FFCK (Federation Francais Canoë Kayak) (French language)
Windows, Sybase database

Event management software for other sports

Race Director (v.2008)

The Race Director - A system designed specifically for the management of races (running, bicycle, skiing). It is a system that covers participant setup, results entry, pre-race reports, post-race reports, labels and software for timing. Individual and team scoring for single races, biathlons and triathlons.